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The sky is that beautiful old parchment in which the sun and the moon keep their diary – Alfred Kreymborg


When I sat down one day to decide how I should title this site, I thought of what it was that I was trying to communicate through it. Being a person who loves to read and absorb knowledge from many sources, I have always been in awe of the nature, sciences, human emotions and much more. Through this site, I wanted to share my thoughts on a variety of subjects and to pay a tribute to the vastness of knowledge all around me, of which I only possess an iota. The unfathomable expanse of knowledge that has revealed itself to mankind and the inordinate amount yet to be explored could only be represented through one word – sky! Whenever I look up to it, be it day or night, I breathe in a feeling of faith in myself and hope for the future. The velvet adjective just gives a texture to it and a promise that it can be reached by those who truly try.

This website has a primary focus on day-to-day parenting, good health, fitness and lifestyle suggestions as well discussion on nourishing food – all the things that make up a good life and that I have come to care for intensely over the last few years. So, join me in this journey of self-discovery and knowledge sharing as compatriots. After all, we are all living under the same Velvet Sky.

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I am an Engineer by education, an operations manager by profession, a mother to a baby boy, a loving friend to many and a strong-minded individual. As a person, I am compulsively mobile and have severe aversion to monotony in my personal and professional life. I find motherhood exhilarating most of the time, exhausting some times but rewarding by the end of the day, everyday. I am also slightly obsessed with accumulating knowledge on good parenting and good health and actively participate in workshops, seminars and talks on these subjects. Through this website, I hope to share my knowledge and open a forum for discussion, knowledge sharing, experimentation and small successes that follow. I am excited to share my diary with fellow Sky Flyers.




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