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This is the first in the series of decluttering posts, so here I am simply focusing on the benefits of decluttering and why you should absolutely do it, like, today!

Up until a few years ago, I wasn’t the most organised person and always struggled with keeping things in their place. There was always the excuse of having too many things and too little time to care. But after the birth of my son, I was suddenly more inclined to have a neater surrounding, probably an instinctive thought for the sake of his wellbeing. Just like most mothers, I too struggle to keep a very clean facade consistently, what with the kid’s toys, books and so on, but I have fundamentally committed to a few changes over the the past few years and I can feel a definite positive impact on my own wellbeing as a result of those changes.

When I started my decluttering journey, it was mostly out of frustration about how many clothes I possessed. I could easily beat half a dozen Zara stores in terms of the number of clothes I had, even taking in account their inventory! It became highly overwhelming for me to see the state of my closet, which was forever bursting, and despite that, on every formal occasion, I felt that I didn’t have the right clothes to wear. On one such occasion, I was engulfed in a lot of dejection and guilt and felt that the clutter in my closet was causing a lot of clutter in my mind. I took a decision that day to part ways with all the stuff that I don’t need. Since then, I have regularly decluttered my closet and I am much more ruthless/practical now, but when I first started out, it was a very painful experience. I could only discard a few clothes since I justified (in my head) the need to keep most of the stuff around. I was able to donate some of the clothes to my house-help and the rest to a charity, which made me feel very good.  In every following decluttering session, I re-evaluated the items that I had retained thinking that I would re-use them, but never got around to doing it. And then they were discarded too. I followed the same principle with my son’s closet, as an infant/toddler’s closet is another ever-growing problem area of the house.

Here below, I am listing 5 awesome reasons why decluttering is so, so, so good for you-

#1 You will find the stuff you need easily – My biggest source of irritation used to be the fact that I always dressed in the same 5-6 pair of clothes and I could never find the ones that were hidden beneath layers of stuff that I just didn’t know what to do with. After cleaning up my closet, I know exactly what I have in terms of options and my ‘staring time’ i.e. time I spent just blankly looking at my closet has drastically reduced. So, it saves me a whole lot of precious time in my day.

#2 You will feel good about the clean space – It is rather silly to admit, but sometimes, I just open my closet to look at the neatly stacked clothes and then close it back again. It is really calming to see a clean space and it is highly disturbing for the mind to look at a cluttered one. So with a clean surrounding, you would be feeding your mind with a lot of positivity, you will sleep better and in general, become very upbeat.

#3 You will know what exactly you need to buy – This is a great way to save money that you would have otherwise spent on buying stuff similar to what you already have. Believe me, I have suffered the trauma of buying the almost identical looking legging or pair of jeans as I could never take stock of all that I already had. So you end up buying less and also buying appropriate to your need.

#4 You will respect your possessions more – This is the ultimate truth – when you have surplus of something, it holds very little value. But when the same thing becomes scarce, you tend to respect it more and use it well. So you will find creative ways to put your wardrobe items together for a new look every now and then. Or you will make an effort to clean your shoes every now and then. Or you will use your toiletries more judiciously. Try it!

#5 You will do good to the world – Once you decide to give away your rarely used possessions, you will start to develop the virtue of detachment, which will slowly overflow to other aspects of your life, and in the process, you will benefit someone who will make good use of those items. Find some charities near by and donate away. Just make sure that whatever you are giving is of good quality and not turn or soiled. I have donated here a couple of times.

Assuming that you are convinced that decluttering is just what you need to free up that mental space, in my next post, I will talk about 5 places that you can start decluttering immediately and feel super nice about yourself. Let’s get your hands dirty a little bit.

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