Watermelon salad


Watermelons are a treat for us tired, dehydrated souls in the harsh summers of Delhi. That feeling of contentment of biting into a crunchy and juicy watermelon on a hot summer day is indescribable. Watermelon is over 90% water and the rest is all nutritional goodness – Vitamins, lycopene (the red pigment), anti-oxidants and amino acids. All these nutrients and minerals help regulate the body’s functions and keeps the gut healthy as well. Moreover, watermelons are a healthy snack and are completely fat free (if that is something you desire in you diet).

There is another great advantage to stocking up on watermelon at home, especially for the lazy people out there. Watermelons are one of the easiest fruits to cut and consume, as compared to other similar fruits. Below are 3 ways you can consume it, if you are feeling lazy even to chop the skin-


However, if you are feeling up for it, with a little bit of effort, this watery goodness can transform into a delicious salad too, which sky-rockets its status from a mere snack to a fulling meal. All you need is the following-

Half a watermelon (regular sized for one person)

A handful of crumbled feta cheese

A few sprigs of fresh mint

A sprinkling of rock salt

A drizzle of lime

A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

Feta cheese is known to be the healthiest, most easily digestible of all cheese. It is a staple in Mediterranean dietwhich is known as the heart-friendly, waist-friendly diet of the world. Often made from sheep or goat milk, feta is a power-house of nutrition and is even known to have anti-bacterial properties.

Simple toss all the above ingredients together in a bowl and adjust the seasonings as per your taste. The combination of sweet from the fruit, salt from the seasoning, fat from the cheese and oil, tang from the lime and slight bitterness-pungency from the mint tickles every part of your taste-bud to ensure that you get the satiety of a salad, main-course and dessert, all rolled into one. So PLEASE DO NOT WAIT and try this today.

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