There is one and only one purpose of our life here on earth – to live joyfully!

True living only happens when we start enjoying every-day living, rather than waiting to be happy at a special occasion. This is my heart-felt belief and one which has the greatest potential to bring lasting joy in everyone’s life. To exert oneself to live a happy, content and healthy life is a mission that we must all commit ourselves to, every single day.

There are many aspects to each individual. We are playing many roles at a given time – that of a child, a parent, a spouse, a professional and a member of the larger society. Each of these roles requires us to fulfil many responsibilities and there are common threads in each of these that determine our success in these roles. Being joyful, compassionate, empathetic, communicating well, understanding our own emotions, understanding other people’s emotions, learning to adapt etc. are all traits that are highly valuable and that bring out the best versions of us to the fore. We can do so much more with our lives if we are able to diligently put these virtues in practice. With this vision, I started this website to share ideas on happy, conscious parenting, health and fitness and holistic wellness. After struggling for many years, I have now realised that a strong body and a mind at ease are the key to living a fuller, happier life and I am super excited to share my learning with all.

This website is a commitment to bringing out that highest potential in all its readers by simple, thought provoking and easily applicable ideas. This is YOUR resource pool for a lot of information on good living, healthy lifestyle and happy parenting. Come, let us together transform our lives through positive thinking and become a shining beacon of hope and possibilities for others.

Welcome to your very own Good Living Encyclopedia!

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