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How to Win at the Midlife Mindgames – A step-by-step guide to live joyfully

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This is a super-easy to follow self-help book that can completely transform your life as it is today. It aims to bring out your highest potential to deal with day-to-day midlife challenges and come out victorious.

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This is a fabulous guide for people of all ages, and specifically the age group of 30 to 50. This is that stage of life when myriad doubts, troubles and fears crop up in one’s mind – this is something I call the mind games. On the one hand, there are years of experience, predictable patterns of life and “the comfort zone” and on the other hand there is anxiety about the future for self, for our near and dear ones and about our own unfulfilled dreams. While there is plenty to be thankful for each day, our mind tricks us into believing that we missed out or that we are not enough. This book is a very practical guide to taking charge of one’s life and start counting the blessings in order to create a more positive environment for more joy to manifest in our hearts and in our reality.

At any age, this e-book can serve you as a trusted friend and guide whenever you feel at the losing end of the mind-games. The simple to understand language and easy to follow guidelines make this a must-read for all.

1 review for How to Win at the Midlife Mindgames – A step-by-step guide to live joyfully

  1. 5 out of 5


    I’m not easily imsdpeser. . . but that’s impressing me! 🙂

    • :

      Thanks Philinda. I would really appreciate if you can go through the book and let me know how you felt. Your feedback will truly encourage my mission. Thanks again, and a happy new year!

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