It isn’t just about that hour in the gym

Wouldn't it be lovely if there was just a single aspect to fitness that we could all aspire to? If hitting the gym for one hour, five days a week could take away all our health woes? After all, it does sound very intense. But it just doesn't work that way.Of course, if you have never worked out and you join a gym, or you start a diet (any diet), there is a huge possibil...
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Fats – Lots in a Name

 We instinctively tag a person as a villain if they are called ‘Mogambo’, ‘Gabbar’ or ‘Shaakaal’. Sounds judgmental, but that’s how we are wired to think. Something similar happened with fats, one of our body’s three most essential nutrients. Just because we associate the word fat with a shape and outer body appearance, the nutrient too got bundled with it and popu...
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